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Real Estate Encyclopedia | Property Law Dictionary | Real Estate Terms | Meanings & Definitions |      Aug 07, 2020

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jus accrescendi praefertur oneribus(Lat)

The right of survivorship is preferred to encumbrances (2 Co Litt 185a). A principle that in the case of a joint tenancy a charge or encumbrance (but not a mortgage) given by one of the joint tenants will not override the right of survivorship. Thus, if the grantor predeceases the other joint tenant the charge or encumbrance is extinguished. However, in English law and in states in the US that adhere to the 'title' or 'hybrid' theory of mortgages, the grant of a charge or mortgage will sever the joint tenancy as the two forms of encumbrance essentially have the same effect (First National Securities Ltd v Hegerty [1985] QB 850, 862G-H, [1984] 3 All ER 641; Yannopoulis v. Sophos, 243 Pa Super 454, 365 A.2d 1312). In US jurisdictions that adhere to the 'lien' theory of mortgages, opinion is divided.

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