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Real Estate Encyclopedia | Property Law Dictionary | Real Estate Terms | Meanings & Definitions |      Jul 21, 2024
Reviews of the Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms

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    What reviewers have said about the Third Edition:

5 star rating based on over 20 reviews
   based on 20+ reviews
Appraisal Journal Fall 2009

"The richness and quality in the descriptions of the terms are really what this book is all about. Real estate professionals (not necessarily geeky ones) can easily become engrossed in the meaning and derivation of frequently used expressions. … There are numerous and extensive discussions of key real estate terms with exhaustive legal and financial references. … The Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms, third edition, is an excellent resource for appraisers and real estate professionals, especially those practicing in the area of forensic appraisal (litigation support) and those with an international clientele."  Anthony C. Barna, MAI, SRA,   Appraisal Journal, Fall 2009

Clarion Review

"Five Stars (out of Five). Thirty years in the making, this massive collection is a guide to every term related to real estate, economics, and everything in between. Creator Damien Abbott writes that it is designed for readers from 'teachers to students to lay people to professional practitioners'. In truth, Abbott is being rather bashful about his tremendous accomplishment. ... Nothing is left untouched and no term is left undefined in this magnificent reference guide. Organized in typical Encyclopedia/dictionary manner, this guide is extremely easy to use for both seasoned professionals and newcomers alike."  Liam Brennan, ForeWord Clarion Review, Oct 2008.

Choice magazine logo

"Real estate consultant Abbott's purpose in covering this vast area is to be comprehensive, to provide more international coverage, to provide clear and precise explanations, to help readers find answers to today's real estate questions, and to point out problems requiring further advice and counsel. The third edition ... can be used as a dictionary and thesaurus, as well as an encyclopedia. Summing Up: Recommended. All levels."  J. Levy, University of North Texas Libraries, CHOICE REVIEWS, Nov 2008.

"This 3d edition of the Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms is highly recommended for academic, public and business libraries, as well as real estate and legal collections"
Kay M. Stephens

Kirkus Discoveries

"Abbott’s encyclopedia is nothing if not thorough; its definitions include everything from basic financial idioms to Latin legal jargon to seemingly innocuous everyday words that nonetheless have specific—and less familiar—meanings within the real-estate realm. While a good number of entries are brief and layman-friendly (like those found in family encyclopedias), many run on for pages, carrying numerous citations of case law from different countries and explaining what are often tortuous, centuries-old understandings of land-holding minutiae. This is by no means a bad thing, as these longer entries serve to illuminate many of the more frustrating and opaque aspects of real-estate law ... Abbott also ensures that even the most complicated entries begin with a brief, relatively broad definition, and exhaustively cross-references for terms which may be unfamiliar to the novice. Comprehensive and edifying: Understood by the Joes, essential to the pros."

Journal of Property Investment & Finance

"Despite having a total of 1508 pages, the book is surprisingly compact. More importantly, it contains over 10,000 real estate terms or phrases worldwide. As the property market has become more globalised and integrated, this book not only includes terms used in mature markets such as UK, US and Australia, but also those in emerging markets. … In summary, this hardbacked book is an essential reference for property professionals. It would be a useful tool to any practitioner's bookshelf"  Xu Ye, MRICS, PhD, MSc, BSc(Hons), Journal of Property Investment & Finance, May 2009

MidWest Book Review

"Complete and comprehensive – never have those words rung truer than when one looks at 'Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms'. With well over 1,500 pages of information on the real estate game, 'Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms' is composed and compiled by Damien Abbott, a man who has been involved in three billion dollars worth of real estate transactions during his globe-spanning, over forty year career. Now in its third edition, 'Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms' is a must for anyone getting into the world of real estate, and an invaluable reference for any seasoned agent who wants to stay on top of the game. 'Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms' is highly recommended for community library Real-Estate and reference collections"

REM Online
Canada's premier business publication
for the real estate industry

"In the preface, author Damien Abbott says, 'As one moves from country to country, many different terms are encountered for the same or similar concepts. ‘Condominium’, ‘commonhold’, copropriété and ‘strata unit’ are variations on a theme…' He says the encyclopedia brings together terminology that has merged “and at the same time it highlights the many differences that are to be encountered in countries that may have had a common law foundation, but have absorbed a mixture of terms and practices from each other. The publishers say the Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms is the most comprehensive single-volume reference book on real estate terminology, and we believe them."  REM Online, 11/12/2008.

What reviewers said about the Second Edition:

“This tome is worth more than 8,000 terms ('a fortiori' to 'zoning variance') and some 350 acronyms (from 'AAA rating', one rating deserved by this publication and which needs no explanation). … This is a reference work that would make a worthwhile addition to the library of anyone with a more than passing interest in real estate transactions, in particular, and property law in general.”  Professor William F. Foster.

Library Journal logo

A well documented guide to the meaning, use, and significance of over 8,000 real estate words and phrases. ... Given its wide-ranging coverage, this work will find application in such fields as economics, insurance, taxation and urban planning in addition to real estate management. For academic and large public libraries.”  Stanley P. Hodge, Ball State University.

Probate and Property logo

“A comprehensive and easy-to-read reference of real estate law and practice terms. … is up to date and provides explanations of securitization and related terms. Despite its currency, the book maintains clear explanations of older property law terms, including future interests.”  September/October 2002

MidWest Book Review

“An invaluable single-volume reference for students and professionals. ... an indispensable, core title addition to academic and professional real estate library reference collections.”  Internet Book Watch.

Choice logo

“The useful 'Guide to the Encyclopedia' on the endpapers shows graphically how entries are formatted. Also useful is an appendix of professional associations with descriptions and Web site addresses. … Recommended for all libraries.”  David G. Ernsthausen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

New Zealand Law Journal

“What makes the book special is both its sheer breadth of coverage which makes for wide and fascinating reading, and clarity of exposition ... This monumental book looks set to be the authoritative work on this area of the law, and can be strongly recommended as an indispensable reference text.” Julia Pedley, LLB (Hons), Massey University, February 2001.

Property Management logo
Property Management

“This is an impressive tome ... and the work behind it even more so. ... its range (geographical and topical) is vast and its approach (providing such additional information as references) valuable. It should make an important contribution ... to international communications within the global real estate profession. Every academic institution and major property organization should have a copy”  Professor Frances Plimmer, Vol 19, Issue 1.

Appraisal Journal logo

“A cross-cultural contribution that initiates the necessary bridging of different approaches to property in the global context. ... A most useful reference source.” Stephen E. Roulac, JD, Ph.D.

Real Property Probate & Trust Journal

“... will find wide usage throughout the real estate industry. ... I would expect that the second edition will quickly become the standard for use by law libraries and practitioners in the industry, as well as those, such as students, general libraries and others, who have the need for a clear, concise explanation of real estate terms.” Robert C. Paul, Associate Editor for Real Property, Probate & Trust Journal.

“Innumerable examples of case law are quoted, as well as statutory and code references, so that each term is comprehensively explained in all its nuances and ramifications. ... It is well designed and produced and sturdily and attractively bound, all to look and feel like what it is: a very good reference book indeed.” Stuart James, University Librarian, University of Paisley, Reference Reviews and Library Review, Vol. 15, Issue 2.

“Don't get caught at a loss for words, again. Race to your copy of The Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms — a comprehensive reference book for real-estate practitioners. No one can know every real estate term, but with The Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms on your desk, you don't have to. ... As either a practical handbook of current terminology or a historical reference tool, it proves a thorough, easy-to-use guide to the real estate word.”

Global Review logo

“We heartily recommend that you benefit from the author's extensive experience in realty - the research is staggering. Do get a copy of your dictionary, thesaurus, and Encyclopedia rolled into one!

New Law Journal

“One is struck by the staggering amount of research which must have been done to provide the information in this book … There is a great deal of useful material in this book culled internationally and the fact that it has gone into a new edition indicates that it fulfills a need.” Dr. H. W. Wilkinson

RICS logo

Well presented, this new title encompasses an extraordinary wealth of information, terms and descriptions of all aspects of the Real Estate industry and workings.” RICS Books Catalogue

Financial Times

“I want to redefine the classic things you learn at college and have since forgotten.”
This summer [1987] saw the launch of The Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms … more


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