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Real Estate Terms & Phrases | Real Estate Dictionary | Property Language Explained | Legal & Business Reference Work  Jun 25, 2024
Real Estate Enyclopedia
ISBN 978-0-9668946-4-6
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"AAA Rating",
McGill Law Journal


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International property law,
finance words explained,
accounting, appraisal,
banking, construction,
collateralized mortgage,
option, land surveying,
land economics terms, leasing,
foreclosure, securitization,
mortgage terms, valuation …

Sample Pages Third Edition

abandonment, bargain, commission,
cost approach, easement,
demembrements de la propriete(F)
fixture, good repair, letter of intent,
licence by estoppel, multiple listing,
money, mortgage-backed security (MBS),
noscitur a sociis(Lat), police power(US)
The Shorter Property Dictionary and Encyclopedia
ISBN: 978-0-9668946-1-5
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The Law Teacher

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property thesaurus
agency, arbitration, contract,
brokerage, landlord & tenant
leasehold enfranchisement
guaranty, security, lease,
fixture, insurance, equity & trusts,
real property law cases,
tort, trespass, town planning,
zoning terms, yield rate, …

Shorter Encyclopedia on CD-ROM

ISBN: 978-0-9668946-2-2

possibility of reverter, quiet enjoyment,
real covenant(US), rent, spot zoning(US)
title insurance, Torrens title system,
multiple listing service (MLS)(US),
unvalued policy, usufruct/usufruit(F),
voluntary waste, wraparound mortgage,
zone d'amenagement(F)

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abandonment |  bargain |  commission |  cost approach |  démembrements(F) |  easement |  estoppel |  fixture |  good repair |  letter of intent |  licence by estoppel |  money
mortgage-backed security (MBS) | 3 multiple listing |  noscitur a sociis(Lat) |  police power(US)
 |  possibility of reverter |  quiet enjoyment |  real covenant(US) |  rent
spot zoning |  title insurance |  Torrens title system |  multiple listing service (MLS)(US)
 |  unvalued policy |  usufruit(F) |  value |  voluntary waste
 |  wraparound mortgage(US) |  zone a urbaniser (ZUP)(F)