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Real Estate Terms & Meanings | Real Estate Dictionary | Property Language Explained |    May 18, 2024
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List of Major Property Statutory References

Major Property Legislation | Real Estate Law Statutes

This is a list of significant real property and related legislative references from the United Kingdom (including Scotland), United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other jurisdictions

Search by country and then case to find more details (referenced by Statute (with year and section), jurisdiction (where applicable), with corresponding Term).

U.K. (English & Wales and Scottish Statutes)
              (incl. Civil, Rural and Urban Codes,
              and other European References)

These references to property legislation are extracted from the
Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms (Third Edition),
which is available in hardback and ONLINE (www.realestatedefined.com)

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abandonment |  bargain |  commission |  cost approach |  démembrements(F) |  easement |  estoppel |  fixture |  good repair |  letter of intent |  licence by estoppel |  money
mortgage-backed security (MBS) | 3 multiple listing |  noscitur a sociis(Lat) |  police power(US)
 |  possibility of reverter |  quiet enjoyment |  real covenant(US) |  rent
spot zoning |  title insurance |  Torrens title system |  multiple listing service (MLS)(US)
 |  unvalued policy |  usufruit(F) |  value |  voluntary waste
 |  wraparound mortgage(US) |  zone a urbaniser (ZUP)(F)